• Product Customization
  • Cost Effective Product
  • Wide service Network
  • High relailability
  • Proven technology
  • Strong Clientele
  • Energy Savers
  • Service Panel
  • Digital Thermostals
  • Beside Panels
  • Multi-Channel Dimmer
  • Home Automation system

Home Automation

Our home automation system is an extensive system which implements highly sophisticated intelligent control, tailored control systems, efficient system integration, introduction of cutting edge technologies etc. The home automation system we provide include automated controlling of lighting, climate, camera and curtains devices like TV, DVD etc. The control options are as below:

  • » Lighting- On-Off control, Dimming, Mood lighting, Energy saving etc
  • » Climate Control- Temperature, FCU Speed, On/Off
  • » Curtain, door & Camera- Curtain relays, Door Strike relays, Door strike buzzers, Door Camera, Remote view etc
  • » TV interface- Channel surfing, Volume, Favorite channels, Source change, option to upgrade to HD video, choosing personal    playlists etc.

Some of the salient features of our home automation system are:

  • » Tailor made modular solutions
  • » Energy saving design
  • » Reasonable prices
  • » Indigenously developed control systems
  • » Customized touch panels
  • » Advanced wired and wireless systems
  • » Highly reliable and long living systems

General Block Diagram

Hotel Automation

The objectives of hotel automation are to construct an integrated system and thus obtain uniformity of all components of automation and controlling:
  • Central Supervisory System(HMI)
  • Hotel Information System(HIS)
  • Network Communication
  • Controllers
General Block Diagram

Nurse call

Nurse Call is another efficient high technology system introduced by Pamba Electronics in automating hotel room calls. Each room will be equipped with an automated calling acknowledgement system which includes Emergency call button, Normal call button, Reset button, a hook cord pull and an acknowledgement LED. All of these systems will be connected to a central automated system which assigns each call a priority according to the emergency. It will be notified in a LED display board and will be forwarded to a central PC server for further procedures.

General Block Diagram

Energy Efficient Lighting Controls

Pamba Electronics offers a wide variety of lighting controls that combine sophisticated design with state-of-the-art technology. These include dimmers (1channel, 4-channel and 12-channel), scene controllers, networked dimming solutions, and mood lighting systems. Our lighting controls provide precise, dependable control and complement any residential or commercial application, while offering the potential for significant energy savings

Guest Room Management Systems

Pamba Electronics offers a great solution for the demanding conditions of the hospitality industry. Our Guest Room Management System enables hotel owners to implement a modern and elegant automation solution, which is both cost-effective and provides significant energy efficiency to the property. Our range of products includes Courtesy Panel, Energy Saving Pocket, Lighting Controls, Bedside Panels and Digital Thermostat. Our solutions are completely customizable to meet very specific client requirements and we have proven capability in manufacturing the products to meet stringent quality standards.

Electronic Ballasts

Count on Pamba Electronics for the widest selection — and the latest innovations — in electronic ballasts. Our new low profile ballasts for a variety of lighting applications feature a remarkably small package and cross section for greater flexibility in fixture design. Our high performance product family offers universal input voltage (120V to 280V).

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